Magento : Introduction

Magento is an Open Source ecommerce web application launched on March 31, 2008. It was created by Varien, building on components of the Zend Framework.

Magento is available under the Open Software License version 3.0. Since version 1.1.7 some parts are licensed under the Academic Free License version 3.0.


Magento officially started development in early 2007 Seven months later on August 31, 2007, the first public beta version was released.
The German magazine t3n featured Magento in the December 2007 edition.
In March 2008, Magento was selected to present at the Under the Radar: The Business of Web Apps conference,
where it won the audience favorite.
Magento 1.0 was released on March 31, 2008.
Magento 1.1 was released on July 25, 2008. This version provides fixes for many bugs and also makes Magento faster, with more responsive UI.

The latest updates on the Magento Commerce available on the below URL,

Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce

The updated Version, Downloader and Sample Data is available in online on the below links,

Version Update

Version Update

The queries and how to install the Magento Commerce Version help can get from the Magento Forum by navigating to
the below links,





  1. jamesjakab said,

    May 6, 2009 at 6:41 am

    I personally used open source shopping cart software. Very customizable and high secure ecommerce solutions. They provide good support

    • rafeekphp said,

      May 6, 2009 at 8:09 am

      Just gone through the zeuscart might will try on our new project and thanks for your information 🙂


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