Create a Zip File Using PHP

Create a Zip file using PHP is can done by using the ZipArchive() function available. The Below code will automatically created a Zip file on the listed files.

In order to work on tht ZipArchive, we need to enable  
 & zlib.output_compression = On
in the PHP.ini file. Once the two changes are done in the PHP.ini file just restart the server to get effect these changes.

/* creates a compressed zip file */
function create_zip($files = array(),$destination = ”,$overwrite = false) {
//if the zip file already exists and overwrite is false, return false
if(file_exists($destination) && !$overwrite) { return false; }
$valid_files = array();
//if files were passed in…
if(is_array($files)) {
//cycle through each file
foreach($files as $file) {
//make sure the file exists
if(file_exists($file)) {
$valid_files[] = $file;
//if we have good files…
if(count($valid_files)) {
//create the archive
$zip = new ZipArchive();
if($zip->open($destination,$overwrite ? ZIPARCHIVE::OVERWRITE : ZIPARCHIVE::CREATE) !== true) {
return false;
//add the files
foreach($valid_files as $file) {
//echo ‘The zip archive contains ‘,$zip->numFiles,’ files with a status of ‘,$zip->status;

//close the zip — done!

//check to make sure the file exists
return file_exists($destination);
return false;
$files_to_zip = array(
//if true, good; if false, zip creation failed
$result = create_zip($files_to_zip,’’);
echo “ZIP Archive is Sucessful”;
echo “ZIP Archive is unSucessful”;

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