What is JQuery ?

jQuery is an amazing JavaScript library that makes it easy to create wonderful web effects in just a few lines of code


How jQuery works?

First you need to download a copy of jQuery and insert it in your html page (preferably within the <head> tag). Then you need to write functions to tell jQuery what to do. The diagram below explains the detail how jQuery work:

How to get the element?

Writing jQuery function is relatively easy (thanks to the wonderful documentation). The key point you have to learn is how to get the exact element that you want to apply the effects.

    * $(“#header”) = get the element with id=”header”
    * $(“h3”) = get all <h3> element
    * $(“div#content .photo”) = get all element with class=”photo” nested in the <div id=”content”>
    * $(“ul li”) = get all <li> element nested in all <ul>
    * $(“ul li:first”) = get only the first <li> element of the <ul>


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